Karen’s experience ranges from her time as a muse and confident to the late Artist JEAN MICHEL BASQUAIT  in the late 1980s during the pop art explosion of WARHOL in downtown NYC as the first Warehouse Art night club creator .From this period shad has expanded her experience into the fashion industry .
Working with the cult designer of that time ANDRE WALKER in Paris in the early 1990s , after moving to london , she developed an incredible insight on the connection between Pop art , Fashion , and Celebrity collaboration. 

When working with KANYE WEST as a collections core consultant, to actor JESSE WILLIAMS as a style consultant, and also known globally for her full position as stylist / creative director for the Singer / songwriter/ Author TORI AMOS , also known for the outstanding and provocative campaigns in the business , She has collectively earned the amazing status as a global visionary.

Karen has also worked in fashion as panelist and contributor to various platforms including Nick Knights SHOWSTUDIO, Fashion Dir for FAshion Roundtable . And guest judge for the British Fashion Council  Fashion Fund for new emerging designers amongst other social platforms. 

Testimonies :

KANYE WEST “ Karen is a true mark of emotion ... you feel the true soul and spirit of creativity whenever she is in the room .. she lives this “ 

HILTON ALS - Pulitzer prize winner “ She is what the late George W S Throw might call  A woman with an interesting syntax “ The New Yorker.

MARC JACOB   I’ve known karen both personally and professionally for over two decades . Her boundless energy and enthusiasm is always a great and welcome inspiration to me . Her souring distinct vision and her insightful unique interpretation of “ what is” and what will be , makes her a truly rare and exceptional voice in the fashion universe. 

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